Allen & Unwin ebooks

Allen & Unwin started publishing ebooks in 2005 and we have over two thousand titles available in ebook editions from retailers around the world. We release the majority of our new books in ebook editions at the same time as the print book is published.

Where can I buy Allen & Unwin ebooks?

Allen & Unwin does not sell ebooks directly from this website. Allen & Unwin and Murdoch Books ebooks are available from all the major ebook retailers in the Australian and New Zealand market, and also internationally, including: Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Google,, and most booksellers with ebook programs. Not all books are suited to all ebook formats and not all retailers carry all ebook formats, so you may need to check more than one retailer if you're looking for an ebook edition of a particular book. Prices may vary too as they are controlled by the retailer.

What is an ebook?

An ebook is generally identical to the printed book but in digital format.

What device do I need to read an ebook?

You can download ebooks and read them on your laptop, netbook or PC; or on a multipurpose device such as a mobile phone, a PDA or a tablet; or on a dedicated ebook reading device such as the Kindle or Kobo ebook readers. However not all ebook formats can be read on every device. Check the information provided by the bookshop carefully before you buy an ebook.

In what formats are ebooks available?

Ebooks are released in different formats and while some can be read on most devices, others can only be read on particular devices. Sometimes you may need to download ereader software. Check the information provided by the bookshop carefully before you buy!