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Elizabeth Honey is an award-winning author of poetry, picture books and novels. Her playful humour, originality and energy strike a chord with children everywhere. Elizabeth is also an artist and she illustrates her own books. Her picture books include Not a Nibble!, I'm Still Awake, Still! and That's not a Daffodil! Elizabeth's books are published in many countries around the world.

**Elizabeth's book I'm Still Awake Still, co-written with Sue Johnson is now a stage musical touring Australia in 2014. For details visit the website: stillawakestilltours.net**

What are the best and worst things about being a writer?
‘Best - working at a time and place that suits me, in comfy clothes, no commuting, tasty left- overs for lunch. Another best – the buzz when my writing is going well, the frisson when I’ve done something really good. But the best best would have to be the friends I’ve made, like Heike Brandt, my co-author on To the Boy in Berlin. Heike lives in Berlin and she’s the most honest person I’ve ever met, and very funny.

Worst – procrastinating, not getting out of the house, or enough exercise. Fan-mail is a best and worst thing. It’s wonderful to receive, and I want to reply, but when my top priority is to finish a book it’s put to one side and I feel guilty.’

Of all the books you have written, which is your favourite?
‘The most recent book is always fresh in my mind. Each book reminds me of certain people, places and times. I like all my books. I try to make them as good as I can.’

Of all the characters you have written about, which are your favourites?
‘I like Old Jim in Fiddle-back and Mrs Biddle in The Ballad of Cauldron Bay. Older characters are interesting because they’ve done a lot of living and they know who they are. But I like the wild young ones too: Kate in Remote Man, and Danielle in Stella Street. I sometimes wonder what Jonah in Don't Pat the Wombat is doing. Was he fighting the bushfires? And where is Cleverton from Remote Man studying now? Of course Henni in Stella Street is a good mate.’

What is your favourite food and least favourite food?
'Ripe white peaches that you eat leaning over the sink and a cold crisp apple that goes craaaack! when you bite into it. Fresh flathead fillets lightly fried in breadcrumbs. Least favourite? Luke-warm undercooked greasy chips.'

Books by Elizabeth Honey

From Stella Street to Amsterdam

Published: September 2020

A brand new Stella Street adventure from Elizabeth Honey!

That's Not a Daffodil!

Published: January 2017

When Tom is given a brown bulb, he says, 'That's not a daffodil! That's an onion.' This is a cheeky and satisfying story with playful repetition and build up of anticipation that will make little children request this story again and again.

Stories from Stella Street

Published: November 2016

Elizabeth Honey's immensely popular 45 + 47 Stella Street and everything that happened turns 21! This special anniversary edition includes three exciting adventures in one big book: 45 + 47 Stella Street, Fiddle-back and The Ballad of Cauldron Bay.

Ten Blue Wrens

Published: August 2015

A playful, irreverent counting book that celebrates the special things we know and love about Australia. Start with 'one little nipper', then count the pies, potaroos and blue wrens up to 'twelve kelpie legs'. In this friendly and amusing book you can count from one to a thrillion!

Hop Up! Wriggle Over!

Published: April 2015

Come and play with a frolicsome family of unique Australian animals. Join in with the satisfying sounds and familiar expressions as the young ones zip, boing and bounce their way through the day.

Hop Up! Wriggle Over! (Special Sale)

Published: April 2015

Come and play with a frolicsome family of unique Australian animals. Join in with the satisfying sounds and familiar expressions as the young ones zip, boing and bounce their way through the day.

I'm Still Awake, Still!

Published: May 2008

A comforting bedtime story AND an audio CD! The story and songs are warm, fun and full of affection; guaranteed to leave children feeling happy and safe in the world.

To the Boy in Berlin

Published: April 2007

A funny, suspenseful novel, bursting with character and ideas: a quirky detective story about righting the wrongs of the past and fighting injustice in the present; a touching story of friendship, football and the power of the Internet.

The Ballad of Cauldron Bay

Published: February 2004

Funny, engaging and wise, this novel from the one and only Elizabeth Honey is the third adventure involving Henni and the Stella Street mob. On holiday in a remote old house by the beach, Henni finds that being a teenager is more complicated than being a kid.

Don't Pat the Wombat!

Published: September 2000

Hugely popular novel about grade six school camp.

What do you think, Feezal?

Published: September 2000

Elizabeth Honey's eccentric story about a poor little rich girl who outwits her kidnappers.

45 and 47 Stella Street

Published: September 2000

Elizabeth Honey's first, best-selling junior adventure story, about a gang of kids who expose a money-laundering scam.


Published: September 2000

Sequel to the immensely popular 45 + 47 Stella Street and everything that happened.

Remote Man

Published: May 2000

Elizabeth Honey skilfully combines humour, adventure, user-friendly language and thought-provoking themes. Remote Man is great entertainment, with depth and heart.

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