Caroline Beecham

Caroline grew up at the English seaside town of Brighton and came to Australia for a year—in 1999—to continue her career as a writer and producer.

She has worked on a documentary about Princess Diana lookalikes, a series about journeys to the ends of the earth, as well as a feature film about finding the end of the rainbow. While she has done none of these things herself—been a Princess Diana lookalike, journeyed to the ends of the earth, or found the end of the rainbow—she has discovered that she loves to write and to share lesser-known histories; and in particular those of pioneering women whose lives she reimagines through fiction. Caroline has a MA in Film & Television and a MA in Creative Writing and has studied the craft of novel writing at the Faber Academy in Sydney and with Curtis Brown Creative in London.

Books by Caroline Beecham

Finding Eadie

Published: July 2020

The author of Maggie's Kitchen and Eleanor's Secret delivers another compelling story of love and mystery during wartime.

Eleanor's Secret

Published: April 2020

An engrossing wartime mystery of past deceptions, family secrets and long-lasting love...

Maggie's Kitchen

Published: August 2017

Amid the heartbreak and danger of London in the Blitz of WWII, Maggie Johnson finds her courage in friendship and food.

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